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Thailand Basic information

Poplation 64,265,000
Area 513,115 sq km
Capital city Bangkok
Language Thai, English
Religions Buddihism 95%
Currency 1Bath (100 Satang)
Highest peak 2,595 m (Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai)

The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most popular country in Asia. Thailand has 64 million people and Bangkok is the Capital city, other good city to visit are Chaing Mai, Chonburi (Pataya, Bangsan), Phuket

Good time to travel in Thailand is between November to March and it's not a good idea to travel to Thailand between May and October, Thailand has a tropical climate. Monsoon winds brign heavy rains between that time of the year

Greetings, In Thailand day say "Sa-Was-Dee" for greeting. it's mean Hello.

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