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Croatia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Croatia travel News section before you travel to Croatia.

Touristclick Croatia Travel News

Croatia Travel: An 'ethical choice'
Croatia has been ranked in the world's top ten most ethical destinations to holiday, which is good news for those seeking an eco-holiday this year. ...Aug 2008

Croatia Travel: Hum recommended to visitors
Visitors to Croatia could consider visiting Hum, the smallest town in the world, it is claimed. Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports it is one of the more famous ...Aug 2008

Team Croatia travel with moustaches
Anyone catching a glimpse of Team Croatia travelling through customs on the way to the Olympic Games may have noticed one distinguishing feature - a ...Aug 2008

Contiki has Croatia, Europe’s hottest destination, covered in 08
Contiki’s 08 09 Europe brochures are on travel agent shelves now! For more information see the improved for more information on the entire ...

Travel Troubleshooter:An extra night,an upgraded price

I tried to book three nights at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik in Croatia, but for some reason the site wouldn't accept my dates. ...

Travel: A ship-shape cruise
Ten-night cruises in Italy and Croatia range from $3095 to $8005, plus $345 in port charges. Early booking discounts are $400 to $600; contact a travel ...

Great viewing for couch potato travellers
Eleven teams of two will race 80000 kilometres (stops include Ireland and Croatia) to win the $1-million US prize. Season 12 of The Amazing Race airs ...

Yacht Tourism ''Lags Behind'' in Turkey
Currently, Turkey falls behind other countries – Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece among them – when it comes to attracting yacht tourism, ...

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Croatia Travel news

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