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Italy Travel News

Take a time to explore our Italy travel News section before you travel to Italy.

Touristclick Italy Travel news

Disabled Travel to Rome, Italy
In fact, organized tours offer trips to wheelchair friendly hotels, museums and other places of interest so that disabled travelers can enjoy their destination just as much as the next traveler. Oct 2007

Follow in 385,000 yr-old human footsteps in Italy
Want to walk in the footsteps of the early humans? Tourists in Italy can do almost just that starting this weekend, after footpaths believed to have been left up to 385,000 years ago were opened to the public. Oct 2007

Kuoni Holdiays launches book on Italy
Romancing the Peninsula showcases authentic travel experiences in Italy as witnessed by a travel writer known as The Wanderer. Sep 2007

Host-Italy, Events & Luxury Travel with a Personal Touch
Host Italy has now well and truly established itself in the luxury events management market. After launching last year, the company has grown; attracting first-rate partners from all regions of Italy and is primarily aimed at a high-end clientele. Sep 2007

Trip to Italy inspires counselors
A summer trip inspired two guidance counselors to encourage students to travel outside of their community and learn about other cultures. Sep 2007

Mandarin Oriental to Manage Luxury Hotel in Milan
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has signed a contract to manage a new hotel in the heart of Milan which will open in 2010. Sep 2007

Tour de Forks - What could be better than dining in Italy
What could be better than traveling to Italy with three in-the-know food hounds? Lisa Goldman, Melissa Joachim, and Giuseppe Ricotta don’t think anything beats that! … Which is why, for 5 years now, they’ve been leading culinary tours through Puglia, Sicily, and soon Emilia Romano. Sep 2007

Ryanair plots major growth in Italy
Ryanair has set out ambitious plans to dramatically expand operations from Italy. The no-frills carrier has set out a "manifesto" outlining plans to invest $1 billion in 80 new routes from Milan's Malpensa airport and from Bergamo. Sep 2007

Venice to 'fine' bad tourists
Slovenly visitors who fail to show sufficient decorum in Venice, one of Italy's most famous cultural centres, have been warned they face fines of up to £175. Sep 2007

I Love Touring Italy - Small Town Piedmont
If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Depending on your interests, this beautiful area might be an ideal vacation spot. You can get classic Italian food, and wash it down with fine local wine. Sep 2007

Italy at its very best - When? During Winter - Bella Italia
Italy is beautiful "Bella Italia" in all seasons even during the very hot summer of August, the traditional Italian holiday month, when depending on your destination it can be uncomfortable due to the crowds especially in Rome or "masses of humanity" as a monk friend of mine resident in Rome for many years would say. Sep 2007

Italy 'popular with older Britons'
Italy is the most popular European holiday destination among older British tourists, according to a new poll. Research by Saga Holidays found that one in seven holidaymakers from the UK visited Italy for their summer break.
Sep 2007

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Italy Travel news

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