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Netherlands Travel News
Take a time to explore our Netherlands travel News section before you travel to Netherlands.

Touristclick Netherlands Travel News

Business travelers who fly frequently run risk...
compared with periods in which they do not travel, said Frits Rosendaal and Suzanne Cannegieter, of Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands..

Amazing Bike Dispensing Machine Aids.....
The bike dispenser isn't designed for someone looking to take a leisurely ride around the city of Arnheim in the Netherlands. Instead, it's made for people ...

Why We Travel
SCUBA DIVING AT THE BARI REEF, BONAIRE, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES, Aug. 21, 2007 Tony Salinas, 49, a television engineer from Sunland, Calif. ...

Space travel to be explored in science festival
NEXT month sees the staging of the first Highland Science Festival, with topics ranging from space travel to poetry. Science is one of the six strands..

Air travel ‘the ticket for tourism’
These were Australia, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Netherlands, the UK and the US“What’s interesting is that they spend 61% of the foreign ...


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Netherlands Travel news

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