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Puerto Rico Travel News
Take a time to explore our Saint Lucia travel News section before you travel to Puerto Rico

Touristclick Puerto Rico Travel News

CTO awards travel Press
by CLYDE JONES LAST WEEK , during the CTC-30 held in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Travel Organisation (CTO) and various resorts in Puerto Rico feted and ...

Active Travel: Kiteboarding in Puerto Rico
When it comes to active travel, we've checked out some pretty crazy stuff. But when hotelchatter tipped us off to kiteboarding, we had to investigate. ...

Puerto Rico indicts drug traffickers
The leader would travel to Florida to purchase weapons and controlled substances and ship them to Puerto Rico. These firearms were used to protect the drug ...

Travel accommodations are free in this program
Since taking up couch surfing two years ago, the ebullient 29-year-old has traveled through Iceland, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Puerto Rico and the ...

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Puerto Rico Travel news

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