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Slovakia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Slovakia travel News section before you travel to Slovakia.

Touristclick Slovakia Travel News

Slovakia to refuse Kosovo passports
Slovakia says that it neither accepts nor recognizes the new Kosovo passports that have started to be issued in Priština. ...Aug 2008

Property abroad High rolling in Slovakia
John, who runs a small travel agency in South London, bought the property with a friend. They put down a 20% deposit on a £160000 three-bedroom flat in ...Aug 2008

Slovakia denies entry to Kosovo passport holders
to renew their travel documents, writes Balkan Insight, an independent news website. For the Serbian minority living in Kosovo, Slovakia’s decision does ...Aug 2008

Slovak Parliament Approved Border Relations..
Bratislava, July 2 - Slovak Parliament passed Slovak-Ukrainian border agreement that will govern reciprocal travel for people living in border regions. ...

German Rail Strike Disrupts Travel and Freight
The panels are made in Bratislava, Slovakia, and transported across Germany by train. “The major problems are in eastern Germany, where there are huge ...

Palin travel show 'portrayed us as simpletons' say Slovaks

After visiting every corner of the globe and charming locals and viewers alike, the traveller's winning ways appear to have run out in Slovakia. ...

Growing travel business opportunities in Golden Years
From time to time there are bouts of activity from some travel agencies,” Tůma said, adding that these are mostly trips to thermal spas in Slovakia and ...

It’s baaack … Radical Travel is bigger, better and bursting with ...
Radical Travel’s 08 brochure is the ultimate cure for itchy feet, back with not three, but four fulla-life travel companies offering you the ultimate ...

Trail Plus
“We both like to travel so we asked the volunteer coordinator here at Rocky Mountain National Park and came for personal interest.” Back home in Slovakia, ...

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Slovakia Travel news

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