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Tanzania Travel News
Take a time to explore our Tanzania News section before you travel to Tanzania

Touristclick Tanzania Travel News

Over 50 Tanzanian firms to take part at London travel show
Tanzania Tourist Board\’s Director of Marketing, Amant Macha, told APA in an exclusive interview here that “right now an area of 278 square metres has been ...

Tanzania:Places-Out of Dar Es Salaam,Yet So Close
If you are willing to accept help -- being carried or lifted -- you can go almost anywhere, even Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, or Machu Picchu, Peru, ...

Travelling far from Africa's 'Gucci' crowd
Started in 1999, Shompole is built on a flank of the Nguruman escarpment, 120 km (75 miles) from Nairobi on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. ...

Elephants use smell to identify enemy tribes
The elephant roams vast areas of Tanzania and Kenya and often come into contact with the Maasai who measure their wealth in terms of the cattle they own. ...

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Tanzania Travel news

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