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Eurostar Says Everyone Will be Able to Travel Before Christmas

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Eurostar Says Everyone Will be Able to Travel Before Christmas

by Adam Dunning
December 24, 2009

Lately there has been a big scramble by Eurostar passengers to find a way to get on the limited scheduled trains before Christmas. However, Eurostar has come forward and issued a statement saying that it will be running services throughout the day.

The train operator went on to note that it will continue running services the day before Christmas and is still confident that everyone that wishes to travel before Christmas will get the chance to do so. A Eurostar spokeswoman had earlier urged passengers to wait to come down to the station, because they did not want people waiting out in the cold.

Despite this advise to come in the afternoon instead of the morning, there have been very long lines outside the station for the past few days. All the passengers that are waiting are hoping to make their holiday travel before Christmas, and some admit that they are willing to travel on Christmas eve if they have to.

The normally high speed Channel Tunnel service was brought to a smashing halt last Friday due to weather conditions. It is expected that fluffier than usual snow got into the trains’ engines and caused the circuit boards to short out. This ended up stranding tens of thousands of people on both sides of the Channel.

Many tour operators have been experiencing a big surge in searches for alternate travel. Even ferry operators have noted that they are seeing a very big increase in bookings as people start looking for alternative routes.

The ability to get everyone to their destination before Christmas is a big claims from Eurostar. We’ll find out shortly if the company is able to fulfill their promise.

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