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United Kingdom Travel News

Take a time to explore our United Kingdom travel News section before you travel to United Kingdom.

Touristclick United Kingdom Travel news

Eurostar Says Everyone Will be Able to Travel Before Christmas‎

All the passengers that are waiting are hoping to make their holiday travel before Christmas, and some admit that they are willing to travel on Christmas ... 24 Dec 2009

Christmas getaway: drivers warned against non-essential travel‎

Edmund King, the organisation's president, said: "Extremely difficult travel conditions persist across many parts of the UK as millions of drivers, ... 24 Dec 2009

Biometrics to speed travel between UK and US
Biometric technology is to be used to speed up travel between the UK and the US. Fingerprint, iris and facial-recognition technology will be used to speed ...Jul 2008

First step for new travel network
cycling distance, and with the Queen of the South Viaduct opening today, walking and cycling will be a natural choice for local travel in Dumfries. ... Jul 2008

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United Kingdom Travel news

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