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Belize Travel News
Take a time to explore our Belize travel News section before you travel to Belize

Touristclick Belize Travel News

Belize Tourism Industry Association
That afternoon, five travel trade professionals were selected in a raffle to participate in a Belize City tour by helicopter, while other delegates ...Aug 2008

prime minister comments on belize
and confidence building measures between belize and guatemala which was signed in september 2005. it was then that a new round of negotiations begun and ...Nov 2007

fountaine pajot- 4 new
built over this time. the highly anticipated new orana 44 and salina 48 sailing catamarans replace two of the company’s greatest successes, the belize ...Nov 2007

new university of belize
doctor santos mahung is the new president of the university of belize. a special installation ceremony ended a short while ago at the university’s central ...Nov 2007

BTIA Attends World Travel
Belize Tourism Industry Association joined other tourism private sector partners along with the Belize Tourism Board at the World Travel Market ...Nov 2007

Exotic, Accessible Belize
Belize is one of those exotic-sounding places I've always wanted to visit ever since I was a child, when my grandfather, who used to do business there, ...Nov 2007


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Belize Travel news

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