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British Virgin Islands Travel News
Take a time to explore our British Virgin Islands travel News section before you travel to British Virgin Islands

Touristclick British Virgin Islands Travel News

On a Maltese Island
Sometimes he plays tennis with a group of British expatriates. There are a handful of Americans on the island, but most of the foreign residents are English ...Dec 2007

Commentary: Intelligent Islands
Out of the top 15 economies, no less than 4 are small island states. The British Virgin Islands is 11th on the list. These states deserve all praise for ...Dec 2007

Day as a Tourist' programme
attractions of the British Virgin Islands”. Ivan Dawson Primary class four students were targeted for the pilot programme for Day as a tourist, ...Dec 2007

British Territories in trouble
The Acting Auditor General of the British Virgin Islands estimated her staffing levels were one third below what they needed to be. ...Dec 2007

Google's Larry Page Island
Google founder Larry Page is set to marry Lucy Southworth on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Necker Island is a private island owned by Virgin ...Dec 2007


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British Virgin Islands Travel news

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