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Chile Travel News
Take a time to explore our Chile travel News section before you travel to Chile

Touristclick Chile Travel News

Bruneian Caught In Chile Trying To Smuggle Cocaine
On February 27, he tried to leave Santiago to travel to Madrid but before he could board the flight he was detained by the Chile police at the airport for ...Sep 2008

Chilean students come here to study
The current awards have included tuition, travel expenses to and from Chile and a modest stipend of about $1000 per month. Jorge Rojas, recipient of one ...Jul 2008

Chile plans global leadership
The Government of Chile’s Copper Commission (Cochilco) has reported that it expects the country to become the global leader in the development of new copper ...Dec 2007

Chile's Ethical Wage
Chile's Ethical Wage Commission, after three months of deliberation, suggested to President Michelle Bachelet its recommendation ...Dec 2007

Chile apuche hungre strike
29 five Mapuche rights activists were in the 51st day of a hunger strike at the Angol prison in Chile's Region IX. Each of the hunger strikers—Mapuches ...Dec 2007

Chile's de Gregorio Named
Chile's central bank raised its benchmark rate three times this year to 5.75 percent as inflation, pushed by global energy and food prices, climbed above ...Dec 2007

Chile, Brazil sign agreement
Chile and Brazil on Monday signed an agreement to enhance cooperation between their defense ministries. Chilean Defense Minister Jose Goni and ...Dec 2007


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Chile Travel news

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