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China Travel News

Take a time to explore our China travel News section before you travel to China.

Touristclick China Travel news

Olympics inspire more choices for travelers to China
And, to speed travel throughout China, bullet trains that cut travel times between major cities by 50% were introduced earlier this year. ... Oct 2007

Online Travel in China Continues to Innovate; Two Leading Search ...
By YV&C News Desk Perillo Tours, the largest tour operator to Italy, has been a family-run business for over 63 years. Led by three generations beginning ... Oct 2007

ET-China says 3 months to Sept trading strong on buoyant travel market International Holdings Ltd, the AIM-listed travel company operating in South China, said it achieved strong ... Oct 2007

Brunei Ready For China-Asean Expo
Meanwhile, Wing On Travel Sdn Bhd, which is facilitating the specially-arranged chartered flight, said that trade visitors, who booked to travel with the ... Oct 2007

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China Travel news

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