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El Salvador Travel News
Take a time to explore our El Salvador travel News section before you travel to El Salvador

Touristclick El Salvador Travel News

Ministry of Tourism Presents
In a bid for greater worldwide exposure, ads in English presenting the tourist activities El Salvador offers will be broadcast from December 17 through 31 ...Dec 2007

Fundraiser at Church El Salvador
The state of human rights in El Salvador will be discussed during a fundraiser Sunday at First Congregation Church United Church of Christ in Salem. ...Dec 2007

Escaping El Salvador's sex
When Milagros told her godmother about a job offer in a casino in El Salvador, Rafaela was immediately suspicious. "I told her to be careful," she remembers ...Dec 2007

El Matador: From humble
So she seized Roger from her ex-husband's home in Dallas and fled to her parents' home in El Salvador. Then, still severely emotionally unhinged, ...Dec 2007

Bureau sets up El Salvador
Corsi previously interviewed Loosle in El Salvador at an international anti-gang conference co-sponsored by the El Salvadoran national police force for two ...Dec 2007

Supreme Court of El Salvador
By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman SAN SALVADOR, December 6, 2007 ( - After nine years of adjudication, the Supreme Court of El Salvador has ruled ...Dec 2007


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El Salvador Travel news

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