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Estonia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Estonia travel News section before you travel to Estonia

Touristclick Estonia Travel News

Hot Spot: Welcome to the Estonian Age
Who knew that many tourists travel to Estonia just for the thrill of tracking down elk, deer, goat, wild boar and even beaver? Another woman — this one a ...Sep 2008

Estonia report supports
A new Swedish report will largely support the official account of the sinking in 1994 of the ferry Estonia, in which 852 people died, including 501 Swedes. ...Nov 2007

Estonia's salaries are rising
Salaries in Estonia have risen 20 % over last year. This is good news according to the Estonian news portal, but it also sees problematic aspects such as ...Nov 2007

Estonia currency panic
A rush among some of Estonia's Russian-speakers to sell local currency due to rumours of a devaluation died ...Nov 2007

Estonian Trade Deficit
The agency noted that the latest number set a new record for the month of October. In September, the number of visitors arrived to Singapore was 769000. ...Nov 2007

164 Nokia N82 picture Estonia
Because I know him, and because he knows her, I got to spend a day in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. I came with 3 devices: Nokia N82, Nokia N95 8 GB and ...Nov 2007


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Estonia Travel news

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