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Finland Travel News
Take a time to explore our Finland travel News section before you travel to Finland

Touristclick Finland Travel News

Passage to India for Finland’s phone-wallahs
“Imagine your credit cards, loyalty cards, and travel card all inside your mobile phone. You can also access your favourite websites, get travel timetables, ...Sep 2008

Play football, will travel to Finland
The Jaguaarit belong to the "Maple League," which is the top professional league in Finland. The Maple League ranks below American-style leagues in Austria, ...Sep 2008

Four trips to Finland are up for grabs
The clubs in district 5550 are looking for a team of four young professionals who would be available to travel to the Nordic country for about a month, ...Sep 2008

Parker heads overseas
So, sight unseen, Parker will soon travel to Finland to play professionally for the Vantaa Pussihukat, a basketball club with both men's and women's teams ...

Finland Minister Thors to France and Sweden
Minister of Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors will Travel to France and Sweden in July. On 8 and 9 July in Strasbourg, she will meet members of ...Nov 2007

mcbroom No. 1 in Finland
Tom mcbroom passed along the interesting news that a couple of his courses have been well received in Finland. In a Golf Digest Finland ranking, ...Nov 2007

Finland's study of Baltic
Finland expects to be ready with its environmental evaluation of the planned Russia-Germany gas pipeline under ...Nov 2007

Finland, Russia Tackle
AP The prime ministers of Russia and Finland on Tuesday hailed growing trade and discussed efforts to ease one of its annoying byproducts -- traffic jams at ...Nov 2007

Misgivings Rise Tourism
The company says it was certified at the highest rating given by Finland and Sweden for non-icebreakers. If its hull was breached, watertight compartments ...Nov 2007

In Nigeria, the new
Now there are Mormon temples in more than 40 countries, from China to Finland to Ghana, and more than 8400 Mormon churches or meetinghouses abroad, ...Nov 2007


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Finland Travel news

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