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Guatemala Travel News
Take a time to explore our Guatemala travel News section before you travel to Guatemala

Touristclick Guatemala Travel News

Bay Area clinicians Guatemala
Some had traveled to the 7000-foot elevation Nuevo Progreso from Mexico and faraway Guatemalan towns, and would have to be turned away for lack of time. ...Nov 2007

A new mother's lament
Apparently, Bangladeshi and Guatemalan mothers are better off. In The Netherlands, paid maternity leave is 16 weeks, while lucky British lasses get up to 39 ...Nov 2007

Jamaica beats Guatemala
Ricardo Fuller and Omar Daley both scored in the first 23 minutes as Jamaica beat Guatemala 2-0 in a friendly on Wednesday, ...Nov 2007

GUATEMALA: Activists Call
Human rights groups from Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Western Sahara and Sweden called for ...Nov 2007

Boyz tackle Guatemala
Jamaica, fresh from their 3-0 demolition of El Salvador on Sunday, will battle Guatemala at the National Stadium this evening at 7:00, expecting to make it ...Nov 2007


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Guatemala Travel news

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