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Hawaii Travel News

Take a time to explore our Hawaii travel News section before you travel to Hawaii.

Touristclick Hawaii Travel news

Hawaii: how to beat Maui’s tourism blues
Have you heard the saying Maui no ka oi (”Maui is the best”)? It’s hard to believe these days, at least when it comes to tourism... Oct 2007

No hard feelings in return to Hawaii
Five years ago, the University of Cincinnati traveled to Honolulu to play the University of Hawaii. Oct 2007

Hawaii Ferry Halted for Environment Study
The first giant fast ferry carrying cars and passengers among the Hawaiian Islands may not resume service until the state fully gauges its environmental effects, a judge ruled on Tuesday. Oct 2007

Hawaii's Maui Divers finds a jewel of a business in black coral
It started as a simple dive shop in 1958, taking tourists and locals on scuba tours in the Pacific off Maui... Oct 2007

Hawaii aviation museum has lofty goals
The former seaplane hangar that is now the Pacific Aviation Museum hasn't even been open for a year, but museum officials already are looking to expand. Oct 2007

Travel site gets Hawaii tour imagery
A Hawaii-based company that brokers leisure travel for travel industry Web sites has signed a content licensing agreement that will give it access to a full library of virtual tours, still images and interactive maps. Oct 2007

Pleasant Holidays Appoints Vice President Product Development, Partner Relations
Pleasant Holidays today announced the appointment of Duke Ah Moo to the position of Vice President Product Development and Partner Relations. Oct 2007

Surfing in Hawaii :: Lessons With A View
Surf Hawaii Surf School, located on the north shore of the island of Oahu, calls itself the most amateur-friendly surf school on the third-largest island in the archipelago. Oct 2007

Alaska Airlines to fly year-round from Anchorage to Hawaii
Alaska Airlines Inc. announced Wednesday that it plans to offer year-round direct flights between Hawaii and Anchorage, but some Alaskans are worried that the lack of competition for the route could lead to higher fares over the long term. Oct 2007

Alaska Airlines Announces Year-Round Anchorage-Honolulu Service
Alaska Airlines today announced it will expand its service to Hawaii, offering year-round Anchorage- Honolulu flights... Oct 2007

Holiday Travel Deals May Be Hard to Come by This Year -- Online ...
As customers explore by theme, they will be given a wide range of editor's picks in destinations ranging from Orlando, Las Vegas and Hawaii to Costa Rica, ...

State lawmakers retreat to Hawaii as special session lags on
Most pay for the trips with campaign funds, which lawmakers can legally use to travel to conferences with a political or governmental purpose. ...

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Hawaii Travel news

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