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Kiribati Travel News
Take a time to explore our Kiribati travel News section before you travel to Kiribati

Touristclick Kiribati Travel News

The family of a decapitated man in Kiribati has been urged to seek legal action against newspapers who published photos of his body. ...Dec 2007

Greenpeace hails Kiribati
Greenpeace has welcomed Kiribati’s decision to declare the Phoenix Islands as the world’s largest protected area. The Phoenix Islands are located about ...Dec 2007

Kiribati says Phoenix Islands
Kiribati says it has officially declared the Phoenix Islands to become the world’s largest protected area to ensure its biological diversity and ...Dec 2007

Kiribati students perform
The Cuban government reports that the 20 I-Kiribati medical students studying in Cuba have done well on their first year exam. ...Dec 2007

Kiribati government gives
The Kiribati government has given their national airline Air Kiribati the green light to buy two Twin Otter planes from Canada, ...Dec 2007


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Kiribati Travel news

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