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Mauritania Travel News
Take a time to explore our Mauritania travel News section before you travel to Mauritania

Touristclick Mauritania Travel News

Mauritania: Terrorists kill four French
Mauritanian investigators suspect three al-Qaeda-linked terrorists are behind the ambush slaying of four French tourists, Reuters reported Tuesday (December...Dec 2007

Mauritania: Fistula - A Medical
Efforts to reduce cases of obstetric fistula in Mauritania have been slowed by local customs and beliefs. "Fistula is seen as a punishment," said Jacques ...Dec 2007

Four French tourists Mauritania
The country, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a former French colony. The nation of around three million people is mostly peaceful ...Dec 2007

France, Mauritania discuss
Officials from France and Mauritania met on Thursday to discuss ways to boost cooperation and potential assistance from France with Mauritania's development ... Dec 2007

Mauritania: The Real Beginning
Four months after the passing of a law criminalising slavery in Mauritania, anti-slavery activists hope newly-announced funding for the reintegration of ...Dec 2007


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Mauritania Travel news

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