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Nauru Travel News
Take a time to explore our Nauru travel News section before you travel to Nauru

Touristclick Nauru Travel News

Camp closure hurts Nauru
Myron Taleka thought all his Christmases had come at once when he got a job as a driver at Nauru’s detention center more than two years ...Dec 2007

New Nauru President
The newly appointed president of Nauru, Marcus Stephen, has reaffirmed his government’s support for Taiwan, ahead of scheduled discussions with its ...Dec 2007

Nauru rebel MP says
The leader of a group of rebel MPs in Nauru, Dr Kieren Keke, says the speaker has failed to meet his constitutional obligations by not calling Parliament. ...Dec 2007

Nauru opposition calls
The Nauru opposition is calling on Australia to continue to support vital development projects on the island despite its decision to shut down the asylum ...Dec 2007

Australian govt Nauru
A Nauru politician fears the Australian government's planned shutdown of an offshore immigration centre will hurt the impoverished nation. ..Dec 2007


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Nauru Travel news

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