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Papua New Guinea Travel News
Take a time to explore our Papua New Guinea travel News section before you travel to Papua New Guinea

Touristclick Papua New Guinea Travel News

Three All Blacks head to Papua
Three All Blacks are heading to Papua New Guinea for five days to help build a clinic for some of the world’s poorest children. “Greg Somerville, Andy Ellis ...Dec 2007

Papua New Guinea $1 million extra
THE Federal Government has announced a further $1 million aid to flood victims in Papua New Guinea. An airlift of relief supplies into Oro province by RAAF ...Dec 2007

PNG must invest in tourism
to the culture and tourism industry in terms of building a sustainable economic platform for Papua New Guinea away from the non renewable sector. ...Dec 2007

Indonesia's Papua
Suebu said that the remote forest-rich province on the Indonesian half of Guinea island was offering to preserve 7 million hectares (17.30 million acres) ...Dec 2007

Papua New Guinea corruption
One third of the Papua New Guinea government's spending goes into the pockets of corrupt officials, an anti-corruption watchdog said Friday. ...Dec 2007


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Papua New Guinea Travel news

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