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Rwanda Travel News
Take a time to explore our Rwanda travel News section before you travel to Rwanda

Touristclick Rwanda Travel News

Rwanda: Two for Kampala Marathon
Two Rwandan Marathon runners have landed invitations to take part in this year's prestigious MTN Kampala International Marathon race due on December 9. ...Nov 2007

Rwanda’s bid to join Club
By JULIUS BARIGABA Rwanda will have to wait another two years to hear if it will be admitted into the Commonwealth following news that this week’s heads of ...Nov 2007

Rwanda: Protecting Environment
Rwanda like any other country in the world is throwing all its weight into actions to protect, preserve and improve the environment. ...Nov 2007

Rwanda: Love for Thyself
It is a land in the desert-topographically opposite from Rwanda but similarly inhospitable-that, through hard work and a strong knowledge and science-based ...
Nov 2007

Rwanda-DRC deal is timely
By OSCAR KIMANUKA The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda recently reached a deal in Nairobi — “a significant breakthrough” ...Nov 2007


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Rwanda Travel news

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