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Sudan Travel News
Take a time to explore our Sudan travel News section before you travel to Sudan

Touristclick Sudan Travel News

Rights NGO hold Sudan
The Sudan Human Rights Organization Cairo Office calls on the immediate release of all Political and Military Prisoners. November 16, 2007 — SHRO expresses ...Nov 2007

Steady Signs Of Progress In Sudan
Despite being the largest country in Africa, mention of Sudan is unlikely to register much of a response from the general public. ...Nov 2007

Sudan journalists jailed
criticised the arrest of four journalists, including one from Al-Sudani, trying to cover protests against a dam being built in Kajbar in northern Sudan. ...Nov 2007

Rebels blame Sudan
A Darfur rebel group which kidnapped five oil workers in Sudan last month blamed the central government’s security services for failing to ...Nov 2007

Ex-Rebels Condemn Sudan
Former southern rebels expressed dismay Sunday over the Sudanese president's warning that his government was ready to go back to war ...Nov 2007


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Sudan Travel news

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