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Switzerland Travel News
Take a time to explore our Switzerland travel News section before you travel to Switzerland.

Touristclick Switzerland Travel News

Czech couple attempts huge loan fraud in Switzerland
The whole fraud was stopped in Switzerland shortly before the contracts were to be signed. "The Swiss bank did not implement the transcation due to ...

A Russian Switzerland
Dachas and luxurious cottages erected here make many say Zvenigorod is a kind of "Russian Switzerland." Whether that's an apt description, ...

Swiss Air Lines new hopes anchored on Tanzania`s tourism
Our high Swiss standard and especially with the short transfer times at hour hub in Switzerland, allow our customers to travel easily and in style to ...

Fall Culture Travel :: Art Basel Miami Beach
An extension of the celebrated Art Basel show in Switzerland, the Miami Beach version inundates 200 galleries with the work of 2000 artists and the ...

Switzerland woos tourists in the new season
It is not just travel to Switzerland but also travel within Switzerland that is shaping up for the new tourist season. The completion of the new Lotschberg..

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Switzerland Travel news

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