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Turkey Travel News
Take a time to explore our Turkey travel News section before you travel to Turkey.

Touristclick Turkey Travel News

The Travel Adviser: Don't be a Turkey!
A traveler recently purchased a package to Bodrum, Turkey, through a Jerusalem travel agency that was put together by a wholesaler called Flying Carpets..

Get Air Travel Tips From The Pros
in a world of long lines, restrictions and delayed flights, the holiday traveler could end up feeling like a turkey for trying Thanksgiving travel. ...

A travel homecoming in Turkey
My first hours in Turkey were filled with deja vu moments like no travel homecoming I've ever had. The taksi turned off the highway and into the tangled ...

Turkey 'accessible for a weekend'
It is a viable option to travel to Turkey for a weekend break owing to the relatively short flight time from the UK, according to a spokesperson for ...

Kurdish problem takes toll on Turkey's tourism
By Leah Bower, Special to Gulf News Turkey's troubles with Kurdish separatists and its proximity to the Iraq war have hit its travel and tourism market hard ...

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Turkey Travel news

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