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Vanuatu Travel News
Take a time to explore our Vanuatu travel News section before you travel to Vanuatu

Touristclick Vanuatu Travel News

Fears for more Vanuatu
A Chief from Santo in Vanuatu has called for Health authorities to make known all people infected with HIV/AIDS. The Daily Post newspaper reports Chief ...Dec 2007

Radio Australia Vanuatu
Radio Australia has extended its coverage in the Pacific, opening a new relay on Vanuatu's Santo island. Radio Australia has extended its coverage in the ...Dec 2007

ATR and Air Vanuatu sign
ATR and Air Vanuatu today announced the signature of a contract for the purchase of the first ATR-72/500 for the airline. ...Dec 2007

Vanuatu opposition defends
The Daily Post newspaper reports opposition mps all walked out of the chamber in protest at a parliamentary action to discipline three members implicated in ...Dec 2007

Vanuatu spruces up Port
By James Shrimpton - AAP | Monday, 03 December 2007 For years, the heart of the Vanuatu capital comprised one long main street with local produce markets, ... Dec 2007


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Vanuatu Travel news

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